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Issue 26

Heather Wells
Extending the Circle of Compassion
Rev. Feargus O'Connor
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The Mother's Son
Rabbi Charles Wallach
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Ancient Teachings of Wellbeing
Alena Pergl Wilson
Spiritual Caring
Carol Campbell
Healing Thoughts
Michael Lewin
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Mindfulness: Befriending Reality
Graham Watts
Perfecting Attention
Peter Goble
One Day …it will be Alright
Janet McDonagh
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Defining breath
Qaisra Khan
A Productive Cough
A Poem
Rebecca Irvine Bilkau
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Labyrinth of the Soul
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London 2012 Olympics
Multi-Faith Chaplaincy
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Sr. Isabel Smyth
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Martyn Halsall
The One and the Many
Rebecca Lowe
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A Practice of Faith
Afroz Shaikh

London 2012 Olympics
by Multi-Faith Chaplaincy
Spring 2012

During the London 2012 Games the Multi Faith Chaplaincy Service will involve 193 chaplains recruited from the faith communities in the UK.

All nine world faiths - Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, Bahia's, Jain, Buddhist and Zoroastrian - will be represented in the Centre which will be situated in the Olympic Village during both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The chaplaincy service will assist around 17,000 athletes and officials, up to 200,000 staff and volunteers and 20,000 members of the press.

Revd. Duncan Green, head of the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Services considers that:
"Given the diversity of London and the rest of the UK, it is important for us to ensure that the Olympic and Paralympic Games are inclusive and involve all communities. All our plans for athletes, media, spectators and our workforce are developed with our Faith Reference Group so that all faiths are represented. Everyone, whatever their religion or ethnic background, should feel they can play a part in the world's greatest sporting events.

We have a unique opportunity with the London 2012 Games to break down ethnic, cultural, religious, political and economic barriers through sport and provide a wide range of long lasting benefits to strengthen the UK's communities.

The Multi-Faith Centre on the Olympic Park will have rooms for the five main faiths and there will be chaplains from those different faiths present. At other venues and the Olympic Villages outside the Olympic Park (in Weymouth and Royal Holloway), we will have chaplains on call."

As part of their recent visit to the Olympic site, Faith leaders and representatives helped launch the Faith pin badge, the fifth badge created to celebrate London 2012's six strands of diversity and engage all communities to support London 2012. Paul Deighton, LOCOG's Chief Executive, said: "The diversity of London and the rest of the UK was one of the reasons why London was chosen to host the Games and I am thrilled that representatives of all faiths had the opportunity to tour the Olympic Park and see the progress we have made."

Press Office: The London 2012 Organising Committee